Humane Emergency Use Canopies and Accessories is both a product design philosophy and an award winning product prototype for use in health care.

The EpiTent

A next generation, patented one of a kind, portable, modular housing solution for use in an emergency health care settings such as refugee settlements.

EpiTent Limited


We provide our customers the opportunity to purchase, use and maintain, a more portable, easily deployable and modular housing solution with three very unique features.

Passive temperature reduction by over 10 degrees
Passive hummidity reduction
Reduced social exclusion
“... The professionalism of Epitent and agility is absolutely fantastic. They have potential to aid in the fight against Ebola...”
Kasibante Phillip
Health Worker
Competitive Advantage

How Different are We?


Our team consists of highly trained and qualified professionals equal to our task and mandate at Epitent and vast experience in health innovation.


With an eco-friendly design,The tent offers passive cooling of over 7 degrees Celsius and a 95% improvement in airflow over existing structures.

Core strength

Our HEUCA design blends 2 technologies to achieve the temperature reduction: a smartly designed lean ventilation system with great heat absorption.

Health Accomodation for everyone

The EpiTent is a reimagined tent whose concept stems from the problems of extreme temperature and humidity in current tent structures. The EpiTent has been designed to reduce temperatures and humidity within the tent. It can be rapidly deployed and set up. It has features that make it suitable for various purposes