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Portable Health Habitation Solutions.

Eco-friendly solutions

The Epitent structure is re-engineered, with a flexible eco-friendly thought-design. The eco-design offers The tent offers passive cooling of over 7°C, a 95% improvement in airflow and a 90% reduction in social exclusion over existing structures.

Temperature Efficiency

As a reimagined tent whose concept stems from the problems of extreme temperature and humidity in current tent structures. The EpiTent design blends two technologies to achieve the temperature reduction: A smartly designed lean ventilation system and heat absorption system

Smart Design

There are 6 main sources of ambient heating in enclosed structures: Air temperature (determined by the outside temperature), radiation (from the sun, and the walls of the tent), airspeed, humidity, subjects’ clothing, and subjects’ metabolic rate).

13 %
Cost reduction
+ 0 %
reduction in social exclusion
50 %
improvement in airflow over existing structure
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EpiTent was successfully branded and also managed to drastically lower the product price to something more affordable. As we better understand the users’needs and as the orders come in, we will be able to reduce this further.
We were also able to donate two tents to the people of Adjumani district on behalf of ResilientAfrica Networkour partners, and the American people via the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). 

Heat Stress Reduction

The new design reduces the average ambient air within the tent cavity by 50C during the sunny part of day-time and maximum temperature reachable in the tent cavity by 9-120C.This greatly reduces the chances of heat stress.

Temperature Reduction

The new design reduces the average ambient temperature by between 5-70C during the critical hottest 8 hours of the day. This will substantially reduce heat related discomfort.

Social Exclusion

Social exclusion is reduced by allowing occupants free perception of the outside environment, yet maintaining privacy. This will reduce the stigma attached to patients in isolation units e.g. Ebola treatment centers

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